WordPress Speed Boost

Faster WordPress page load times and more!

WordPress Speed Boost Service

The load time of your website is an important part of your visitor's experience. Slow page loads can quicky turn potential customers away.

That's why many search engines have begun factoring load times into their search engine rankings.

I offer a suite of professionally installed tools to increase your site's load times. They include:

  • Caching Plugin Installation & Optimal Configuration
  • Image Optimization
  • Database Optimization & Cleanup
  • WordPress Heartbeat Control
  • CDN Configuration (optional)
  • Speed Optimization Report

Price: $89
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Caching Plugin Installation

Installation and configuration of the most versatile WordPress caching plugin available. Boost your pagespeed by serving static content from cached pages! Includes optimal setup for your hosting.

Image Optimization

Complete image optimization of your entire Media Library for faster load times. Includes installation of a tool that automatically compresses future uploads!

Database Optimization & Cleanup

Over time your WordPress database becomes fragmented and filled with unnecessary data. I'll clean and optimize it for better performance.

WordPress Heartbeat Control

Introduced in version 3.6, the WordPress Heartbeat API can send excessive requests to your server, resulting in high CPU usage and slow load times. I'll configure your installation for optimal heartbeat settings.

CDN Configuration

I can configure your site to make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). A correctly configured CDN will deliver your static content faster by caching it at geographically closer servers to your visitors! Additional charge may apply.

Speed Optimization Report

I'll provide a before and after report to show you how the improvement in your site's load times after my optimization work is done!

Price: $89