Referral Program

Thank you for your interest in the NetCrafted Referral Program. It's easy to earn money by referring customers to NetCrafted! Simply choose a username and provide an email address where you would like to receive your PayPal payout.

Commission is available on the following services:

Terms & Conditions

By registering you agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

NetCrafted reserves the right to modify or discontinue the referral program at any time.

Self referrals are strictly prohibited.

You may receive emails regarding services and the referral program. You can unsubcribe at any time.

Payouts are generally made at the beginning of the calendar month, 30 days after the transaction. You will be notified of pending referrals, typically within one business day.

Cookies are required to track referrals. Referral links set a 30 day cookie.

Any referral deemed fraudulant or refunded will not be eligible for payout.

Attempts to send fraudulant referrals or misrepresentation of services will lead to termination from the program. Any unpaid funds remaining at termination will be retained.