WordPress Backup and Monitoring

WordPress Management

If you'd rather focus on running your business and leave your site in the hands of a WordPress professional, this service is for you! For an affordable fee your WordPress site will be backed up, secured and monitored by a WordPress professional. Learn more about this complete management package:

Off-site WordPress Backups

Never settle for database only backups by plugin again! Get daily off-site backups of your entire WordPress site. That's including files, with no storage limits. If you're paying for a 'site backup and restore' add-on from your host, your backups are not off-site. Includes free concierge file restore by a professional.

Managed WordPress Updates

WordPress core, plugin and theme updates performed by a human. No worries about automated updates taking your site down. Out of date code is often the source of hacked sites. Your site will be regularly checked for updates. Never worry about out-of-date or insecure code again!

Anti-Malware Security

Your site will be hardened and regularly monitored by multiple security tools. The best WordPress security plugins are installed and optimally configured to monitor for infection and prevent intrusion. Logs are regularly reviewed for any suspicious activity. On supported hosts, an additional tool will be installed to monitor all activity outside of WordPress.

Uptime Monitoring

Site checks every 5 minutes with downtime (and uptime) notices sent to the email(s) of your choice. Site availability is a factor in search engine rankings and your business's reputation.

Free Malware Removal*

I'm so confident in my WordPress management that I'll remove any malware infections that occur while under my coverage for free!

* This offer does not apply to existing malware infections, intrusions caused by weak password usage and hosting accounts shared with other applications or domains (unless covered by additional subscription).

Subscribe now for $99 yearly (that's 1 month free) or $9 monthly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have all of my plugins updated? What if I have a legacy plugin I want to keep?

Absolutely not. Plugin, theme and even WordPress version updates can be ignored by request. Please keep in mind that running outdated code increases your chances of being compromised.

Why would I want to monitor my site's uptime?

By knowing when your site is down for long periods of time, you can take action to get your site back up. No host can honestly offer 100% uptime. Infrequent, very brief outages happen to every host, but when your site is down for an extended period of time you need to be proactive in getting it up and running again. For outages of 15 minutes or longer, I suggest checking with your host's technical support.

How is this backup different than other backup solutions?

Most WordPress backup plugins are database only. The few plugins that attempt to backup files offsite are unreliable on anything but the smallest sites and impact your page speed. My backup solution is low impact, includes files and database, keeps your data securely offsite in Amazon S3 storage and is monitored by a human!

Do you offer additional support?

Yes! Once you're setup, you'll find a support contact form embedded in your WordPress dashboard for easy contact. I offer free WordPress advice but do charge for troubleshooting, etc.

I have a WordPress.com site. Can I use this service?

No, this service is only available for self-hosted WordPress sites. If you are interested in converting to a self-hosted site, please contact me below for a quote.

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Customer Reviews

July 26, 2016

I actually hired Scott from NetCrafted to also do a migration and malware removal from my blog. I am not tech savvy and somehow my blog came under attack and WordPress was going to shut me down. Scott came to my rescue and not only fixed all my issues but has basically held my hand through all the problems. I am content and happier that my blog (my baby) is being well taken care of by NetCrafted! I sleep much better because of the service I am provided. Thank you for everything. Don't ever leave me and I will be a customer for life, or as long as I own my blog, anyway!

September 18, 2016

Scott helped me with some WordPress Management services (previous website) that I wasn't able to perform on my own. He is well versed in WordPress and has the skills to perform technical management tasks so bloggers can focus on content creation and promotion. My projects were completed with high quality, professionalism and were delivered on-time. I highly recommend NetCrafted.