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WordPress Hacked Site & Malware Services

Professional WordPress Security Services

WordPress malware removal and hacked site repair is my specialty! I guarantee to have your WordPress site back online quickly and offer you several options for keeping it running safe and securely in the future.

NetCrafted is a trusted WordPress consulting firm with a perfect customer service rating! Trust your site to the best in the business!

Christy J.
Quick! Amazing! I cannot believe how quickly NetCrafted assisted me in getting my website back up and running.

Quick Repair

  • Pro Quick Turnaround
  • Pro 30 Day Warranty
  • Pro 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  •    $99 per site

Comprehensive Security

  • Pro Quick Repair
  • Pro Off-site File & Database Backup
  • Pro Security Monitoring

    Anti-intrusion tools are installed and routinely monitored to prevent new attacks.

  • Pro Managed Updates

    WordPress core, plugin and theme updates performed by a professional. No worries about automated updates taking your site down. Out of date code is often the source of hacked sites. Your site will be regularly checked for updates. Never worry about out-of-date or insecure code again!

  • Pro Year Long Warranty
  •    $199/year

Jessika F.
Scott is a WordPress genius. My site was infected with malware and he was able to fix it in less than an hour.

Don't Wait, Your Site Is Now At Risk Of Data Loss!

I am able to repair most sites with zero data loss. Because your site is compromised, it is more likely to suffer data loss if it's not repaired quickly. Act now to secure your site before it's too late!

Nadine L.
This guy is prompt, he is fast, he is a good communicator. What else do you need in a security expert? Recommended!

WordPress Site Repair

Detailed File Scan

I perform a full scan of your website files using multiple tools to find all infected files. Malicious files will either be removed or repaired depending on their content.

Blacklist Removal

If your site's infection placed you on a blacklist, visitors may be seeing a warning when they try to visit your site. I'll assist in removing it from search engine blacklists.

Security Enhancements

The best WordPress security plugins will be installed and professionally configured. Your site will be hardened against a variety of future attacks.

Complete Reinstall and Update

While I'm repairing your site, I'll do a complete reinstallation and update of all of your WordPress core files, active plugins and theme.

Full Password Audit

Your WordPress users will be reviewed for unauthorized users and all passwords, including databases, will be reset with strong replacements.

My Guarantee

Unfortunately most sites are hosted on shared servers running out of date operating systems and programming languages. If you don't keep your site up to date and use secure passwords, there's a chance your site could be reinfected. During my guarantee window, I will remove any infection or hack that occurs, no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

How was my site compromised?

The vast majority of compromises are a result of either weak passwords or out-of-date theme, plugin or WordPress core files.

Is forensics included to tell me exactly?

No. Forensics requires access to server logs which are usually not available. Even if your host provides them, logs may have been altered to obfuscate the initial source of compromise. Finally, forensics requires many hours of analysis which would necessitate a much higher fee.

How do I prevent this from happening in the future?

Once an infection has been removed, the best prevention is using a strong password and keeping your site updated. Another great option is managed WordPress hosting.

Why is your guarantee limited?

The easiest way to explain this is with an analogy:
When you hire a plumber to unclog your sink he'll usually fix the problem and tell you what not to dump down there in the future. However, he won't come back indefinitely and fix your sink for free.

The same thing applies to my service. I'll fix your site and give you the advice above. If I missed something myself, it will reoccur very quickly, well within my guarantee period. If you need long term prevention or monitoring, my Premier subscription or managed WordPress hosting are the best options.

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